Hartwell Photo Gallery

Photo of the Lincoln, Massachusetts Homestead, 1955

Map of Paul Revere's ride, showing location of the Hartwell farm                                                            (from  Paul Revere and the world he lived in, by Esther Hoskins Forbes)

Hartwell House in Bedfordshire, England


A Tour of Hartwell Tavern

Several years ago, association President Wayne E. Hartwell  made a tour of the Hartwell Farm and surrounding grounds.
These are some of the images he recorded.

Tavern & gambrel view 
Kitchen view 3
Tavern view
Bar room scene
Samuel Hartwell House
Samuel Hartwell House 2
Tavern room
Tavern view 5
Tavern Facilities
Tavern view 6
Cattle Keep
Battle Road looking north
Heading out for chores 
Battle Road looking south
His Majesty's 5th regiment of foot arrives 
Regulars search the barn
Kitchen fireplace
Mile Marker